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POS Integrations

DCSTECH.IN has for a long time, worked with 3rd parties to enable integrations to work seamlessly to deliver positive results for business requirements. It's this additional functionality that we can provide that allows us to service many different business aspects while still providing a feature rich work environment.

No matter what functionality you require, if it's not already contained within DCSTECH.IN' main features, we have most likely already developed a partnership with someone who does. Have a look below for a comprehensive list of features and functions that you can use to expand DCSTECH.IN.


DCSTECH.IN allows for accounting to be done outside of the software itself. With API Integration to MYOB and Xero, ODBC to MYOB and an Export to File option for Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Attaché, we have you covered. In all instances you will be able to End the Sales Period of multiple terminals across all sites. This allows that data to be used for Sales Reconciliation to be performed, to ensure all the figures are correct. No figures can be sent to accounting until they are matching, this ensures that your accounting is kept correct. Once they have been correctly balanced they can be sent to your accounting package of choice.

Bar Stock Exchange

Utilising a stock exchange interface to increase or decrease prices of selected items to increase sales is now possible with the Stock Exchange integration. Not only can you set maximum and minimum levels, but crashing the market will allow you to entice more people to jump into the game.

Barcode Scanning

Barcoding items makes it easier for you to scan the items when being purchased, and also for performing stocktakes. Barcodes can be printed direct from DCSTECH.IN, even from products that don't have barcodes.

Beverage Monitoring

To enable a strict stock control with minimal wastage, you can install a beverage monitoring system that will keep track of the smallest possible amount to keep your figures up to date. Being able to track this kind of data requires specific information sent to various databases.


The bookings integrations allows businesses to take booking for their events or venue. When customers present to the venue with the tickets, they will be matched and allowed access. Ticket numbers can only be used once.

EFTPOS & Debit Credit

DCSTECH.IN is able to interact with many EFTPOS providers throughout the world to enhance and speed up service times at the POS. DCSTECH.IN has up to eighteen different integrations available. None are available everywhere in the world, as most are location dependant and each require their own laws and regulations regarding their use. Using an EFTPOS integration ensures that you are keeping employee mistakes to a minimum by sending the sales data direct to the pinpad, rather than relying on the staff member to enter it correctly.

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing allows you to receive your invoices as an email. These can be imported into the POS database for quick receiving and processing saving a lot of time and manual labour. This is mostly useful in large businesses that process large quantities of orders at a time.

Employee Attendance/Control

A large cost of any successful buisiness are the employees who work wthin it. Being able to see where the expenditure is going and if it is valuable for money is important. With different models of obtaining this information and multiple reports combined, you can easily improve your business financials by plugging unnessary holes.

Fuel Interfaces

Service stations require a special Point-of-Sale system to perform many tasks, borrowing features and functions used in many industries. Some service stations rely heavily on customer accounts, while others are like a full service convenience store needing scales and more. DCSTECH.IN integrates with third-party fuel console software vendors that allow controlling of the fuel pumps with data sent between both the terminal and the pump for the correct value to be charged.


Poker machines offer a great attraction for your guests, but they can be improved on by offering a service above and beyond what your competitors do. Integrating the poker machine membership to your Point-of-Sale allows you to offer your members point accumulation through sales of food and beverage at the venue, not only with what they feed through the machines. Additional tools like marketing and data gathering provide you with a more in-depth marketing platform to utilise for increasing and retaining membership.

Gift Cards

DCSTECH.IN has an integration to epay, one of the leading gift card and pre-paid card services in the world. epay offer mobile top-ups, mobile broadband, games, transport, travel, tolls, music & entertainment, calling cards, visa gifts, software and international mobile recharge. With each purchase of an epay product the logo will print automatically on the receipt for professional branding. All images can be provided by DCSTECH.IN in a zip format to be stored on the POS terminals for use by the integration.

Label Printing

Not all information can be handled by technology alone. Sometimes it needs to be printed out, where other technology can be used. Label printing allows you to speed up many service areas when processing sales and during stock control.

Liquor Marketing

It's possible to link your POS system to a database of sales information and included marketing materials. Using data from more than one location and business allows direct proms to be run through your system in synch with other chain stores throughout the group.

Membership Management

One of the hardest things to do as a business is to get new customers, so it makes sense to try that little bit harder to keep the ones that you do have. You can do this with any number of software tools. DCSTECH.IN links with some management tools that make this a lot easier to do.

Mobile Apps

DCSTECH.IN has two mobile apps available for different functions within the software, but are completely integrated as well as interfacing with a number of other apps. Handheld Ordering allows staff members to take orders at the table which can then be sent to the kitchen. Coming features add huge improvements including an Android version, a kiosk facility to allow guests to enter their own order and more features for tablets. Stock Manage allows you to perform Stocktakes, Receive Stock, Stock Transfers and Assign Barcodes. It can be used with third-party hardware to scan barcodes and helps speed up stock control procedures. Additional third-party app that DCSTECH.IN can communicate with include Clipp and Mobi2go.

Online Food Ordering

One of the hardest things to do as a business is to get new customers, so it makes sense to try that little bit harder to keep the ones that you do have. You can do this with any number of software tools. DCSTECH.IN links with some management tools that make this a lot easier to do.

Paging Systems

Busy bistros will sometimes require you to collect your meal from the counter. This saves staff from delivering meals to the tables and can keep the often busy service line moving. Instead of showing a flashing number or notice board in the hopes the customer will notice it and collect their meal, what are you to do? Why not give the customer a pager that beeps, flashes and sometimes can talk to the customer to let them know their meal is ready for collection.

Property Management

With twelve room charge integrations to various software providers, we are able to cater to many different options for room charging. Customers can make a charge to their room with the details being recorded through DCSTECH.IN and added to the their bill for payment when they checkout. A receipt can be issued after each transaction that the customer has to sign as confirmation the charge has been placed on their room account. This will stop guests refusing to pay for items they have purchased.

Proximity & Biometric

Using proximity sensors for your clerks, you can help your service speed up while still ensuring that clerk security is at its highest.

Recipe Costing

Working out the value of meals and then being able to keep those costs steady and viable is a tough ask. Thankfully, there are systems in place to help do that for you.


Taking reservations for your restaurant is a good business practise. But there is no point taking all this information down in a reservations book where it is impossible to search, no sales are linked, and customer details are sketchy at best. What if there was a way to keep all this information at your fingertips, and it worked with your Point-of-Sale system? There is! DCSTECH.IN has a strong internal reservations system that can handle all this data, while adding additional details you see fit. ResDiary (Dimmi) and ResPAK add more features again, with ResDiary being a fully complementary online service.

Security Camera Integration

Many businesses nowadays rely on security cameras. Not only for the customers who might be thieving, but from their own employees no less! Our security integration allows for live text output of sales which can be overlaid on the video feed of the camera which can usually be searched through.


Available on terminal / mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, connected to e-commerce portals, loyalty-ready abilities makes retailers engage with shoppers to a new level.

You can now interact and transact with shoppers on the floor and process sales anywhere. Using Self checkout kiosk and wireless payments.

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